Hinjewadi Traffic Optimization Study

The Pune chapter of Net Impact, an international nonprofit organization working to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world, recently finished an exhaustive survey of the traffic conditions at Hinjewadi, the large software technology park close to Pune. Parisar was also a partner in the survey and provided inputs into the survey design and analysis of the findings.

The findings of the survey were presented at a seminar and were quite revealing. The most important finding is that software professionals traveling to Hinjewadi were quite happy to give up using their private vehicles (cars or two-wheelers) if they could avail of a reliable, frequent public bus service - even if it were provided by PMPML.

We now hope that PMPML will look at this as an excellent opportunity to boost its image by providing a good service to the software professionals of Hinjewadi and, in the process, also help its own bottomline. 

News reports on the Net Impact survey can be found here and here. The following video features interviews with stakeholders in the study (apologies for the poor video quality):