This page lists some of our partners in Pune and around the world, from Government, civil society and other walks of life.

Our partner organizations in Pune

Save Pune Traffic Movement Save Pune Traffic Movement: A united force of responsible citizens
Pune Municipal Corporation Pune Municipal Corporation
Pune Traffic Police Traffic control branch of Pune Police
Centre for Environment Education Centre for Environment Education
  Sustainable Urban Development Program of the Centre for Environment Education

And some partners and friends around the world

Interface for Cycling Expertise
World Streets: Promoting the new mobility agenda for low carbon mobility solutions
City Fix: A Blog produced by Embarq
StreetsBlog: A Blog about streets and street life in many American cities
StreetsFilms: Short films about streets, street life, cycling etc. mainly from the US but also elsewhere
SUTP: The Sustainable Urban Transport Project for Asia
Transportation Alternatives: New York based alternative transportation group
Embarq: The WRI Centre for Sustainable Transport
Institute for Transportation Development and Policy
Clean Air Initiative
Mumbai Environmental and Social Network
Hasiru Usiru: Bangalore based environmental and conservation group
Carfree cities
Share the road: To promote policies in government and donor agencies for systematic investments in walking and cycling road infrastructure, linked with public transport systems.