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Parisar is an NGO working in the field of environmental awareness, education and action since its formation in the early 1980s. Its area of interest spreads across a wide range of subjects from nature conservation to sustainable development, in fact everything that affects our ability to live on the earth- the air, the water, the quality of land- all that which contributes to our healthy planet and in turn healthy life.

Parisar, therefore, intervened in following issues and campaigned for its satisfactory resolution-

Strengthening the Tree Act: Parisar was instrumental in getting the Pune Municipal Corporation to formulate by-laws to the Tree Act that gave it teeth and ensured that citizen activities were part of the Pune Tree Authority, a statutory body responsible for the protection of trees in the city.

Protecting urban heritage: Parisar was actively involved in mobilizing citizens' groups and the media against a proposal to construct a new building opposite the Victorian structure that serves as the main building of Pune University. This mobilization helped convince the then Governor of Maharashtra, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Idris Latif, that the heritage structure would be spoilt by construction of the new building.

Protecting urban environment: Parisar led the campaign to save the Model Colony quarry lake which was threatened by a proposal to construct a four-star hotel. Parisar's representations and legal interventions helped in saving the lake, which is now one of the more popular public spaces in the city. 

Protecting urban bio-diversity: Parisar was part of the coalition of citizens' groups that opposed the plans to allow construction on the hills surrounding Pune, and instead getting them to be declared as bio-diversity parks - thus protecting them from further encroachment.

Parisar has also intervened in issues related to Urban Planning through involvement in advocacy for the Development Plan for Pune, vision for sustainable urban housing, natural farming, questioning mega projects that pose a threat to the environmental well-being of man and nature. The best way to see the range of topics in which Parisar has worked in the initial years are best seen by subject matter of Parisar’s Annual Lectures.

Since around 1995, Parisar’s work has been concentrated on sustainable urban transport, for it recognizes that unsustainable transport policies and transport infrastructure are the foremost threat to urban environment and quality of life for majority of citizens.


Parisar managing committee



Parisar is endeavoured towards making the city of Pune sustainable and environment-friendly. It aims to achieve this by first studying and acquainting itself with the situation on ground. Parisar ensures that this process is participatory and gives weightage to local opinion and different perspectives.

Parisar is also goal-oriented and therefore engages in advocacy for potential changes that are both concrete and comprehensive. To this end, it engages with multiple stakeholders viz., Municipal Corporation, Traffic Police, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Local groups and individuals.

Parisar Team, March 2024



1. Strengthening Sustainable Urban Transport

2. Ensuring Road Safety

3. Bringing Planning back in Urban Planning

4. Conservation of Heritage

5. Natural Environment and Biodiversity

6. Promoting Sustainable Agriculture


You can read more about our work in the brochure.