Programme Director Ranjit Gadgil selected on the Ghole Road Ward Committee as a civil society representative

The 74th Amendment to our Indian Constitution made in 1992 was a milestone in empowering urban local bodies, redefining their roles, powers and functions. Among other things this Act calls for devolution of functional and financial powers to local governments, along with more participation from citizens in planning, with a special emphasis on including women and weaker sections of the society.

Draft Development Plan for Pune (old city limits) Published. Citizens must file Objections by 26 April 2013

Draft Development Plan – Recipe for disaster – Will Pune turn into another Mumbai?

The Draft Development Plan (DDP) has been published by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Citizens have limited time to file their Suggestions and Objections under the law.

Draft Development Plan for Pune

Draft Development Plan for Pune - Un-sustainable Transport

Citizens urged to oppose these changes.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has recently published the draft Development Plan for Pune (old city limits). The last plan was sanctioned in 1987 and was incredibly progressive for its time. It recognized the dangers of increased motorization, far before the explosive growth in vehicles started and before the ideas of sustainable transport were widely accepted. It had proposed a cycle track network, including a subway for cycles (the Wakdewadi underpass) and cycle-only bridges. It had also proposed a High Capacity Mass Transit Route (HCMTR) as an access-controlled, public transport only ring road. Sadly none of these provisions were implemented.

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